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Former HOMES Client

At H.O.M.E.S., Inc., we provide shelter and so much more for up to 21 Young Adults (at any one time) who have aged out of the formal foster care system, or more informal relative or community care.  We also accept their small children, and sometimes younger siblings, to prevent family separation. 

OUR GOAL is to stabilize the lives of these youth, motivate them, and help them move forward to financial and emotional self-sufficiency.   

Almost all of our youth (18 to 24 years old) were in fact homeless before arriving here, or about to become homeless because their pre-18th birthday living arrangements were coming to an abrupt end.  Most arrive here with nothing but a small garbage bag of clothing.

We are one of only two cluster apartment campuses for this population providing on-site holistic services in Broward County (the other is located in Pembroke Pines).  Our Program includes: 

  • Quality furnished 1 & 2 bedroom apts. on our campus (with rent subsidy from private foundations);
  • A “Life Coach” assigned to each youth;
  • Job Coaching, Paid Internships & Job Placements;
  • Financial Literacy Classes & Budget Counseling;
  • Emergency Help with a variety of issues;
  • Emotional Support & Stability through life’s up and downs;
  • Requiring school enrollment & attendance;
  • Requiring financial responsibility;
  • Requiring part-time work (unless full-time in high school);
  • Drug Free Campus.

This Program changes lives for the better for the long-term, including breaking the cycle of foster care for a new generation of children.






Providing Quality Community & Economic Development benefiting at-risk/disadvantaged lower income Broward County Residents and Neighborhoods.




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